Monday, 22 August 2016

Bless our house and its heart so savage - two more custom versions

The first custom 'bless our house' embroidery I did was a big hit, and soon after the recipient left a glowing review on Etsy (it made my day, honestly!) I received two messages asking if I could create a similar piece for them. The first was for a wedding - the brief was that it should have wedding bells, the couples' names, and that the wedding was for two Scottish people, so I jumped at the chance to make a Scottish themed embroidery! I used a slightly more desaturated green for the vines, to complement the silver and purple of the thistles. I have never embroidered thistles before, and it took a few tries to figure out the best method, but I am happy with the result! The second was for a woman who said she preferred cooler colours, so I ended up using purple for the roses rather than the pink I used in the original piece. I've been using so much purple lately, which is funny because I am not really a big fan of purple in general! Maybe more custom orders will help me change my mind...maybe. What do you think of these two new floral embroideries?

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  1. These embroidered sayings on the clothes are looking quite unique and awesome. Your art work and handicraft skills are just phenomenon. I just to want to put out this collection.