Friday, 6 November 2015

Madalynn Scarf

As I mentioned in my Cozy Cat amigurumi post, I recently completed a pretty big scarf project. Big in terms of both 'amount of knitting' and 'size of scarf' – this finished scarf is six feet long! I used the pattern Madalynn, and since I wanted it to be extra soft and nice I used Wendy Merino DK in claret and silver. I made this scarf for my boyfriend Allan, who is always an appreciative scarf recipient, and in contrast to the last scarf I made him we decided that this one should not be an infinity scarf – infinity scarves are nice, but there's not as much room for vital scarf-adjustment with them. By adding another section of the cross stitch pattern on after the end of the stripes section (rather than finishing the scarf and joining it into a loop), I made the scarf nice and long and most importantly able to be wrapped around as many or as few times as Allan likes! A really long scarf is just the best.

This was my first time using double-pointed needles and I really struggled at first. Luckily, I already have experience with stranded colourwork, so I wasn't learning two new skills at once, and the more I did it the faster I got at it :) The one thing I'm really (really, really) annoyed about in this scarf is that you can see in the stripes section there are a few little mistakes, and I have no idea what caused them. At no point did I change the way I was knitting, or drop a stitch, and in many cases I went back several rows with a crochet hook to make sure everything was in the correct order, but I COULD NOT get it to sit right! It's so frustrating because in a repetitive pattern like stripes, it's super visible; even one stitch slightly looser than another catches the eye immediately. It's also frustrating because I've never had this problem before and I don't know what caused it, but I am assuming it's related to the DPNs. Luckily it's in the middle of the scarf, that will mostly be hidden when worn, but boy it drives me crazy :(

One last little note about this scarf: this was the first knitting project I actually blocked! I know, I know. I should have been doing it ages ago. Now that I've done it once, I entirely agree. It took days and days to dry (1. wool holds water like crazy! 2. my flat is cold all the time!) but oh my gosh, it totally straightened out any crumply colourwork and made it drape like a dream. The merino wool is super soft and nice, and I hope it keeps Allan's neck nice and warm for the winter :) Here's one final close up shot of the pattern.

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  1. Did you made it yourself? Nothing is as good as hand knitted scaf. Beautiful colors and beautiful pattern. Thanks for sharing it with us