Thursday, 22 October 2015

Cozy Cat Amigurumi

I recently completed a pretty big scarf project (I'll be posting about it soon!) and the number one thing I do with spare wool is make amigurumi! I didn't have enough of it left to really do anything else (this used all of the red I had) and I was looking for a fun, quick project that would keep me from hoarding the ball or two of wool I had left for like, three years, which is the number two thing I do with spare wool. So here he is, a v. cozy cat who's just as unimpressed with the cold weather as I am :) finished, he's around 12" top to toe, probably closer to 8" sitting. I did this in two nights of work while watching bad horror films and Best of the Worst.

So, confession: I didn't really keep track of what I was doing while I was making this. Like, at all. All of my amigurumi is made up as I go, because once you have the basic shapes down you're just repeating them over and over for each piece that you do. I made a circle for his head, two triangles for the ears, a tear-drop-ish shape for the body, and five long cylinders for his legs and tail. The scarf is a long rectangle, and the hat is an open circle with an extra layer of treble crochet folded up to make the rim. Topped off with the world's laziest pompom (made on my fingers, while sitting in bed). Voila! I embroidered the eyes and mouth on with a tapestry needle and black yarn I've had around for years that I only use for amigurumi faces -- remember my friendly ghost pattern from last October? Same stuff! I then stuffed it with polyester filling that again, I've had around for years. That's what I like so much about amigurumi; I never have to buy new supplies to do it!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Watercolours, pt. 2

 ...a.k.a., guess who got a scanner?! A.k.a., guess who is still learning to use her new scanner?! Scanner lesson 1: if you don't want to take the paper off the ring binding, the pictures are going to be a bit blurry. So please forgive the blurry edges! The pictures in this post are roughly chronological (although I haven't included all the doodling I've done or the failures, haha), so this blueberry is the first thing I painted. I tried to follow a tutorial picture I found on a Chinese Pinterest-type site, but, well. It wasn't as easy as it looked. I had to use white watercolour in this too, because I totally lost the white. At least I learned here that a) my paper buckles and b) I am not comfortable with wet-into-wet! The next thing I painted was this pomegranate. I did this with a random reference from Google images and I actually really like how it came out! I impressed myself with this one. The peach I did a while later, and I'm not as happy with it, but at least the colours are quite pretty.

This one I painted with the help of this tutorial from Inkstruck Studio. I think this one is quite pretty too! I've been realising lately that Alizarin Crimson is basically my favourite colour.

And finally, I just did this one a couple nights ago. It was inspired by a picture of a watercolour grid I found, but I unfortunately don't remember the source anymore. Again, not perfect, but it was a fun exercise! I've been really enjoying watercolour and I think I am slowly getting better at, a little bit at a time.