Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Another roses and pearls ribbon embroidery

The embroidery so nice she made it twice! Well, kind of. It's actually slightly different from the last Roses and Pearls embroidery I did -- I didn't use anything from the kit except the small beads, the hoop is bigger, and the fabric is different. Really the main thing in common is that I was inspired to make another rose wreath ribbon embroidery, since I enjoyed doing the last one so much. I really love making ribbon roses! The ribbon is all pure silk, and I doubled up on the cotton thickness here to give it some body. It was mostly freehanded; the only pattern I used was drawing circles where the large roses would go in air erasable pen and the rest was done on the fly. This one is for sale, here on Etsy!

P.S., my dissertation is all handed in! I'm done! Yay but also oh no, what do I do now?

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  1. As the name suggest this blog is all about elegance and beauty. I just can not take my eyes off this beautiful and detailed embroidery. I so wish i could produce such masterpiece some day. This post made my day so beautiful.