Friday, 21 August 2015


Hello all! Oh my goodness it's been quite a while since I've made a post here, hasn't it? My excuse is that I've been back in California over the summer, and did no embroidery at all while I was there. It was a fantastic trip, and I also got a lot of work on my dissertation done (just a few more weeks until it's due!), but I mainly hung out with my parents, ate a lot of good food, and enjoyed the beautiful LA weather. I did do a lot of knitting, which you'll have seen pictures of if you follow me on Instagram, but I'm going to wait until that's finished to do a post on it. I did pick up a new hobby, though...watercolours!

My friend took me to an art supply warehouse, and helped me choose everything I'd need to get started -- which I am very grateful for, as that store was massive, and I was in way over my head! I picked up the cutest little Winsor and Newton Cotman set, a flat wash brush, a medium round, and a smaller round too. Oh no, I'm sure these all have proper names and I'm totally forgetting them, but just look at the picture above for what I mean! I also got a few various tiny brushes for very fine detail work, and a journal of watercolour paper. Up there is a picture I took of my colour swatches -- it's a great variety of colours, isn't it?! I really love colours! The white isn't really necessary, but I've already been having SO much fun mixing the other paints and getting to know how to handle them, use the right amount of water, etc. It's quite a learning curve and I admit that I had a lot of trouble controlling how much water I used at first, but I think I'm getting better now! I even managed a convincing black the other day.

This is a painting I did based off this Youtube tutorial. This was the first real painting I did, so it's definitely not perfect -- at this point I was still struggling with getting colours as deep as I would like, so the mountains are a bit too translucent! I still think it came out rather well though, and it was a great learning experience.

A wee rose wreath, inspired by this post on how to draw laurel wreaths.

An E I drew, heavily based off an E from an old embroidery alphabet, and painted with watercolours. I'll tell you this, I kind of regret doing this on sketchbook paper, because as you can see there are places where the paper couldn't stand up to the water and then I made it worse by futzing with it! Oh well, I still think it's pretty neat!

Something that's been very motivating for me is that the internet is such a great resource for this; there are so many amazing Youtube channels and blogs with loads of watercolour tutorials, tips, and inspiration. Haha, I guess I am just very excited about my new hobby and can't get enough of it right now! Expect more watercolours here in the future, for sure :)

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