Saturday, 20 June 2015

Some new embroidery

My friend mentioned that she'd be interested in learning how to embroider, and so last week we finally got together at my flat so I could teach her! I love getting other people excited about crafts, and she took to it very well. I quickly made a Batman pattern for her in Photoshop that she could get started with, and within fifteen minutes she was confidently working away. While she was working on that, I decided that I finally wanted to use the lovely variegated thread that my aunt got me as a present, and stitched up this cheerful hello world! It's strange, I've uploaded this here now and on Etsy too, and the colours seem so much more muted when it's uploaded than when it's just the photograph. Image compression I suppose. It's so bright and pretty in real life, it's a shame I couldn't capture it! This piece is for sale here.

Calling this 'new' is a bit of a stretch...this has been sitting around since March. This is the results of the inspiration from the crafting show I mentioned in this post. I was so inspired by the beautiful colour palettes in the work that was on display; even though I don't usually work with purple at all (although the 'hello world' up there begs to differ!) I really wanted to incorporate them into this mandala. The pattern itself is just one of the results for 'mandala' on Google image search, although I haven't followed it slavishly -- mostly due to wobbly tracing! I had fun using beads on this piece too, but I definitely need more practice making them sit in a straight line. I have watched some Youtube videos since then on beading, so next time it should be better :)

That's it for today! I haven't been doing many new embroideries lately; most of the things I've been stitching have been Etsy sales of pieces I've already posted here. I'll try to get an update on that afghan I've been working on since September up soon -- it's getting big!

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