Thursday, 29 January 2015

Five independent jewellery picks

Naturally with all the excitement of my big announcement, I've had jewellery on the brain. Here are my favourite pieces from five fab independent jewellery designers. From top left:

  1. Pegasus Locket Necklace, from BonbiForest. This Pegasus locket is made from an original illustration by the shop owner. I think the gold is so striking on the black, and the illustration is just too sweet. This shop has loads more lovely lockets like this, as well as printed scarves and another apparel. It's based in the UK, too! I don't know if I would necessarily wear this one but how pretty would it be in a little bedside table display?
  2. Laurel Wreath necklace- Brass, from AlmanacForJune. I'm absolutely obsessed with this shop's mythology/astronomy inspired jewellery, but if I was pressed I'd have to go with the wreath necklace as my favourite. I love the textured look of the leaves; you can tell by the detail that this was cast from a hand-carved original. Gorgeous.
  3. Hart & Hunt Necklace, from Datter Industries. This striking necklace is perhaps a bit morbid, but it's so unique and interesting that I'd wear it in a heartbeat. (Hmm.) This shop makes really interesting, unique and well-made pieces, and I highly recommend you browse their other products. They even have their own laurel-inspired design!
  4. Rose quartz bracelet, from TinyMountainsDesigns. This shop is the first time I've ever seen a bracelet quite like this. I love the naturalistic look you get with the raw quartz, and the idea to secure those little hills (tiny mountains?) onto flat bezel bases like that is fantastic.
  5. Tiny bee necklace, from bellehibou. This image doesn't do the scale of this tiny necklace justice. So little! I think jewellery like this is so delicate and feminine, and can be worn as an everyday piece. The hexagonal charm is a clever addition to the classic bee necklace. 
What do you think of my choices? Do you have any favourite independent jewellery makers? I have so many more, I'll have to do a part two!