Thursday, 28 August 2014

DIY Links roundup {1}

DIY Copper bar earrings
DIY woven wall hanging

The Golden Crown (translated from Russian)

DIY String art tutorial

Here are a few DIY projects I've been really impressed with in the last couple weeks. I really really want to adapt the method from that string art tutorial to my own style for my new flat I'll be moving into soon - I think black string on white corkboard could look really cool! The tutorial for that beautiful beaded crown is in Russian, but I think with some careful google translate and paying close attention to the photos you could manage it. I'm obsessed with that wall hanging, but even if you didn't want to recreate it exactly the tutorial is so detailed and informative I want to get some nails and a frame and make my own little loom right now! The copper bar earrings are so simple and classy; I think wearing them would get you so many compliments. Can you tell I'm pretty ready to be done with this vacation and reunited with all my crafty supplies? Have you been inspired by any projects you want to try lately?

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