Monday, 7 July 2014


Hello everyone! As you may have noticed there's been quite a bit of radio silence over here, and for once I can say 100% that it isn't my fault. A few weeks ago my computer up and died - completely, no turning on, can't even send a panicky email to an Apple store dead. My parents have taken it back to America to get it fixed there (where it's under warranty) but at the moment I've been iPad only, which means no embroidery sales since all my patterns are on my computer. A very patient, lovely, and unfortunate lady placed an Etsy order minutes before this all went down, and I'm very grateful that she's been willing to wait for me to get my computer back to get it done; aside from that I've had to put my shop on holiday mode and have mainly been doing a whole lot of nothing, craft wise. But! In more positive news, I finally found a flat in Glasgow for next year, and I officially graduated.

It was shockingly sunny and I spent the entire morning squinting happily at people in my VERY Harry Potter-esque gown. My parents, seen in the above photo, have been visiting for two weeks and just left on Saturday, another reason I haven't had much crafty fun to show off.

Anyway, to the point of the post: podcasts! Being without my computer, and thus unable to watch any TV show or film that isn't on YouTube or Netflix, AND taking constant train rides back and forth to Glasgow trying to find a place to live, I've been getting into podcasts like crazy. Here's a few that I've really been enjoying at the moment:
  • How Did This Get Made? is a hilarious podcast that discusses truly, truly terrible movies. For NBC sitcom fans, one of the hosts is the actor who plays Dennis Feinstein from Parks and Recreation, and another is the actor who plays head page Donny on 30 Rock. (I get too into NBC sitcoms.) Each week they along with June Diane Raphael have a guest on to make fun of a different horrible/embarrassing/baffling movie, and I know there are a lot of really unfunny dudes making podcasts like this out there, but trust me, this one is laugh out loud funny. My boyfriend just introduced me to it a few weeks ago and I'm already so obsessed we're going to go see a live recording in LA in a couple weeks! 
  • Wham Bam Pow is an action and science fiction film podcast. Really funny, entertaining, and charming, and the two female hosts are engaged and it's really cute okay. I also appreciate that in a great alternative to the derisive term 'chick flick' they call action films 'dick flicks'. DICK FLICKS! Amazing. 
  • Throwing Shade is a comedy podcast that in it's own words talks about issues that affect 'lady issues and the gays' and is hosted by a woman introducing herself as Feminasty and a man introducing himself as a Homosensual. Literally what other reason do you need to go listen to this. 
  • I Don't Even Own a Television is an amazingly funny podcast about bad books. Like I think at this point you can see a theme here in what I listen to? I like comedy, and I like bad art. Anyway, like HDTGM this is actually really funny and entertaining, and not just awkward dudes with bad mics making inside jokes with their friends and recording it. It's great, and you should check it out if you want some whatever the opposite of book recommendations are. 
  • Knifepoint Horror is a series of short stories, I believe all written by the same person but read by different men? They're all horror stories, and many are pretty long too. I'm a sucker for a horror short; I religiously follow the 'creepypasta' subreddit and have even written a. Couple of my own! I like most of these; they border on the dry side, but I appreciate that they don't rely on shocking narrations of gore, excessive violence, or misogyny to give you a cheap thrill. Unfortunately I've actually listened to all of these, and am on the lookout for new ways to get some spooks.
I've also downloaded a few new podcasts I haven't gotten a chance to listen to yet, including The X-Files Files, a podcast reviewing episodes of The X-Files (duh), and Sawbones, which is about archaic medical procedures. Really excited to give both of those a try too! What podcasts have you been listening to lately? Have you fallen in love with something new? I'd love to hear about it!

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