Sunday, 15 June 2014

Pots and trips to Glasgow and shopping, oh my

Hey everyone! I've been rather sparse on the blog entries front lately, partially because, well, I haven't...been...making much? And I'm not sure how much anyone would be interested in more every day posts, but let's try it out, shall we? Away we go:

I had a little terracotta pot, and I really liked the shape of it, but the colour was gross (it was all old and splotchy). So I picked up some cheap acrylic paint at Hobbycraft and painted the whole thing white, waited until it dried, then used washi tape to create a sharp line for the triangle section. I love it! I'm sad that these photos don't really capture how metallic the gold paint is, but hopefully you can get an idea. A good+cool project, a successful pot painting.

I went to Glasgow this week to look at a flat, and 'surprisingly' the second I arrived at the property it started pouring in absolute buckets. I had to wait in the entry area for the real estate agent and try not to splosh too much around the poor man's flat we were invading. California in just one month, and I'm counting down the days.

In my ongoing attempt (struggle?) to dress like an adult I've ordered these two pieces from H&M. I can't wait to not have to wear a cardigan every day as a light jacket.

My new Monki flats came in two days ago, which is good because look what happened to my other pair of black flats yesterday!

LOOK AT THAT. Look at that horrifying sharp piece of metal! It kept working its way out as I walked (which happened fairly often since I walked four and a half miles yesterday) and tore my jeans a bit, and even cut my ankle. Honestly. This is what happens when you buy cheap shoes I suppose. They aren't even that old (months, really), and I am very disappointed in New Look.

Also, let me say that I'm sorry about the terrible quality of these photos...My iPhone 4 camera photos look absolutely fine on my phone, and then when I import them into my computer they're tiny and grainy and dark. I need to learn this lesson and only use my iPad or my actual camera for photography.

And one last little fun thing; yesterday two of my friends and I walked to Leith for brunch and got the most delicious drinks. The bloody mary is mine, next to it is a mixture of apple and pomegranate juice, and on the far right is I believe club soda, vodka, pomegranate, grapefruit, and mint? I ordered eggs benedict and it was absolutely amaaazing. Lady brunches are very important! After my big afternoon out yesterday I am spending today firmly ensconced in my flat, tidying and crocheting and watching Lost. I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend and a nice lazy Sunday!

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