Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Recent embroidery

How are you all doing today? I'm GREAT, because I finally, after two weeks of emailing and calling every single person in the office, got my letting agency to confirm that my lease is extended for an extra month and I will not be kicked out Edinburgh before my graduation ceremony! Hurray! I won't be living in a hostel on the day of my graduation from university!

Oh, did I not mention yet that I finished university? Yeah, that kinda happened too. Weird, right? It's still sinking in, and every so often I get flashes of 'I never have to study phonology again if I don't want to.' Honestly though, it isn't as much of a transition as it is for some people, since I'll be starting a masters programme (Medieval and Renaissance Studies!) in the fall. At the moment I'm just enjoying my last properly free summer and watching like, five hours of Lost a day. While embroidering, of course!

These were both commissions, although the woman who asked for the second one stopped replying to my messages some time ago, after I had already drawn the pattern onto the fabric. So I went ahead and stitched it up anyway since I liked the sentiment after all.

Image of an embroidery piece in progress. It's going to look quite cool when it's finished, but I am absolutely not enjoying working on it at all.

I've also been doing some cheeky celebratory shopping. I am absolutely feeling gold at the moment, and this ASOS watch and Yves Saint Laurent lipstick have very much called to me. Purple lips or bust! I absolutely LOVE this lipstick; the packaging is so gorgeous and the lipstick itself goes on soo smooth and shiny, with surprising staying power for such a sheer and glossy colour. I love it and now I want more high end lipsticks that I can't really afford!

I'm having a very lazy day today, and have spent most of it in my bed drinking coffee, but after I finish this post I am resolved to go to the post office and mail out my embroidery, then do a very large grocery shop for the week. I hope you're all having more productive mornings than me!