Thursday, 8 May 2014

Crafty links round-up

I am currently supposed to be studying for my final ever exam at the University of Edinburgh. Pretty big deal right? So of course what I am actually doing is looking at pretty DIY projects online. Oh no, that's not true, I've also had a couple Etsy sales recently which has been wonderful! I shouldn't act like I'm doing absolutely nothing, I'm doing mostly nothing with some embroidery.

Sprocket pillows from Cluck Cluck Sew. The instructions make this seem super easy to do with a sewing machine, and they are so cute. I think it would look really nice too to do them with a more neutral colour scheme to make it more mature or chic. Even if you just used one colour of like a really nice linen, mmm. I want to surround myself with pillows.

DIY Vertical Planet from Confessions of a Secret Crafter. I'm not necessarily as enthralled with succulents as the rest of the internet seems to be at the moment, but I can admit a really nice project when I see one, and this is really nice. How lovely would this be to hang on your wall amongst framed art? Gorgeous.

Our DIY Wedding Favor Garden from Merrypad. I know I just said I wasn't super enthralled with succulents and then posted more succulents, but LOOK at how cute these tiny little sculpey planters are! I'm so tempted to go out and buy some modelling clay to give it a go. You should really click through for all the pictures, all the white and green en masse is a really stunning effect. What a great idea for a wedding favour.

Food, that you make by yourself, is technically DIY. And that is why I'm salivating over this four ingredient peanut butter fudge recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction. I literally have all the things I need to make this in my cupboard right now. Do you understand the power of this? I'm definitely coming down with something, and all I want to eat is sugar. This will help me get well!

One final thing that isn't DIY or crafts by any stretch of the imagination, and I am only including because it was posted as I am writing this entry: Wildly Inappropriate Internal Responses I Have Had To Perfectly Innocuous Statements by Mallory Ortberg at the Toast. Everything Mallory Ortberg writes is the funniest thing she has written thus far and each successive thing gets funnier, and I want to be her.

And now I'm off to perfunctorily eat healthy food before cookies. I hope you're all having a more productive exam period than I am!

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