Saturday, 19 April 2014


Do you ever get like super sick of something you enjoy all of a sudden? I've been embroidering so much lately, and I've got my current project all set up and ready to be stitched, and every time I pick up the needle I'm just like.....ehh. Honestly can't be bothered. I think I burnt myself out from all this detailed floral business.

Pine Forest embroidery, for sale here!

I'm super craving knitting lately, I really want to drop what I'm doing now (which like, to be fair isn't commissioned, it's just a personal project so it would be fine- ? ) and knit a massive cabled sweater even though it's basically summer at this point and I'll be spending a lot of my actual summer in California. Maybe if I started now it would be done by winter though right? I'll just continue to look at lots of heavy sweater patterns online, can't hurt!

Oh oh oh also, I got a big haircut:

Basically I got rid of all my hair and I love it. It takes like five minutes to wash and dry, and I look like a Vulcan. EXCELLENT.

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