Friday, 21 March 2014

floral embroidery... apparently all I do now? Well that and watch the X-Files, those two things.

THIS FREAKIN EMBROIDERY THOUGH. Okay. So it's obviously Scully from the X-Files (PRINCESS DETECTIVE DOCTOR QUEEN OF MY HEART) but I seriously came so close to messing this up and having to throw it away! I couldn't decide what to do for the hair? Like I didn't want to fill it in with stitching because ughhhhhh, so I tried to use markers but I messed it up and it looked a disaster. So eventually I ended up kinda panicking and trying to use felt strips cut up into long pieces and heyyy it actually looks pretty cool! I think! I do like how it came out and it's hanging on my wall now :3

I've been having some issues with my sleep schedule lately so I basically spent a LOT of hours from 10pm to 3am working on this this week. I really like how it came out! I learned French knots!!! I REALLY like some things about it and only kinda like others, but it's good that now I can look at this and know what works and what doesn't. Like for example I probably won't do another red flower like that one. But I love the delphiniums!

And then I made a tiny toadstool necklace pendant :3c eeep I love it. It is for sale, but until someone buys it I am very tempted to wear it around. I think it's soo cute! ps like my turtleneck? TURTLENECKS ARE COOL.

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