Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Allan's 'Ben' Sweater

Yaaaay it's finished! I've been working on this sweater since seriously April, and I finally finished it and gave it to Allan a few weeks ago! Oh my gosh I love it so much, it fits him so well and it looks so good (in my opinion), especially since it's the first thing I've ever knitted! I obviously can spot some areas where it isn't quite perfect, but hopefully that's just me being a perfectionist. Also the handsomeness of the recipient doesn't hurt how good it looks ;)

I used the pattern Ben by Berroco, but changed it slightly to get rid of the bumpy texture in between the cables. I think with just plain panels of stockinette it looks more classic, and I do love a cable! Right now I'm just blocking another scarf I've finished, and then I'm going to either start on another sweater or a little vaguely-improvised scarf/shawl type item. We'll see how it turns out; either way I'm definitely completely addicted to knitting. So fun!


  1. Wonderful job! I've only so far knit a scarf but I hope to one day put as much work into such a beautiful scarf.

    1. Meant to say, "such a beautiful sweater." ^_^

    2. aw thank you! This is such a sweet comment. x