Sunday, 14 April 2013

This weekend, I...

My boyfriend was at a wedding yesterday, and I spent almost the entire day doing stitching of various kinds. I recently finished the bodice for a dress I'm making and I'm so proud of it! I love the fabric it's made from; the floral pattern is so beautiful and the colours are right up my alley. Deep pink and cream? Yes please! I've never made any clothing that goes on the chest out of a non-stretchy fabric before, so my first step was to buy a pattern, use it, end up following my own instructions for the pattern, then completely scrapping it and drafting my own pattern based on my measurements. It fits perfectly! This is also the first time I've tried bust darts (estimated the position by basically pinching the fabric of the bodice in front, haha) and also the first time I've successfully installed a zipper like this. I have the fabric I need for the skirt (it's going to be a full skirt for a vintage style dress) and am trying to work out the best way to attach the two. I was skirt to bodice to see how it fits, sew skirt completely together, sew skirt to bodice and line up seams, install the rest of the zipper onto the skirt? It is obvious I am slightly making it up as I go along as I do with all my projects.

I am working on the second of two avocado embroideries that have been commissioned from people on Etsy. Funnily, there wasn't even a listing for it in the store - they had each seen the piece on other sites and messaged me to ask if I would be willing to make it for them. It's been fun to do some embroidery that isn't Beyonce, to be honest! As I'm writing this now I've currently finished the banner and the letters too, so almost done :)

I'm still working slowly but surely on my knitting. I can say this for sure, next time I knit something I will not be using such a thin yarn! Eep it takes forever to see any progress :( me finishing a purl row: 'YESSS! I can knit a row!' Me finishing a knit row: 'booo. I have to purl a row.' Purling is hard y'all. Also I'm getting a callus!

And finally I've been enjoying my fox pillow, bought at Primark a while ago and dispelled to the no man's land of The Window Ledge Behind My Headboard. I love the colours and fabric used, and look at those awesome embroidered details! Machine embroidery is so neat.

I was so happy to take this pictures today, because in a lot of them the sun was actually out! It's starting to get quite warm in my room when I have the curtains open and the sun streams in, and the days are getting later. I won't eat dinner until eight or nine because the sun is still up, which of course means it can't be time to eat yet! (Scottish winters, you messed me up.) I just - I think Spring might finally be here you guys. *bites fist* In less joyful news, I am currently in a very weird limbo where I've done all the work I can do for my assignments, based on the data I have collected, but I haven't done all the work I need to do. It's a very uncomfortable situation! I'm doing the best I can to deal with it by taking on lots of projects and doing the most possible prep I can: trying to guess what the results of my data will be, before I get the data, and pre-writing analysis for that is what I will be doing in the library tomorrow. So close to summer! Just two more things to finish (one paper, one exam) and then I'll have a month to pack and move all my stuff into storage while I spend an awesome month back in California with my boyfriend and parents!! I cannot wait. Counting down the days!

Friday, 5 April 2013

links roundup!

Oh my gosh you guys, I've been so busy lately. And also kind of depressed, which sucks? So basically when I'm not writing an essay all I have the energy to do is lie in bed and watch TV. Like this show, pictured above. I'm only about four episodes in but I think I really like it. I don't know, I always take such a long time to decide if I like a TV show - does anyone else do that? Or am I a big weirdo? Since the last update though I have had some very good news...I've found a flat! Next year I'll be living in an adorable one bedroom flat and I absolutely can't wait to move. It's so cute, and the bedroom has stripey wallpaper, and it has a washer/dryer! The idea of clothes that have been dried is just...*_* soo much softer than air drying. Anyway, since I have been at home a lot, I have also of course been looking at lots of cute tutorials and DIY projects online! Here are a few of my favourites.

Easy Crochet Owl Tutorial! This seems like a great way to use up yarn - I've loads of white/red/grey yarn in my flat (discovered this while beginning packing, my goodness I have a lot of yarn) and I would love to make a bunch of little owls with red stomachs. Adorable!

How cute are these pottery trinket boxes from Merryfield Pottery Direct? I want all of them. I want to put everything I own in a tiny box shaped like a cake or a biscuit.

Crocodile Stitch is so interesting looking. How cool would a sweater made out of this be? You'd look like a dragon :K

And not a link, but look what else I found while packing - a long crocheted garland of grey flowers! I had completely forgotten I'd made this but I'm pretty excited that I did. One thing I'm super looking forward to about moving is decorating! These will definitely have pride of place. 

And psst - did y'all know that Google Reader is shutting down? Luckily, I'm on Bloglovin too ;)