Saturday, 16 March 2013

yarn, beautiful yarn

I love yarn. I love it so much, and I want to hug all of the yarn in the world. I have baskets and baskets of leftover yarn I used for projects that I can't bring myself to throw out because it's just so pleasing and pretty and soft! So instead of throwing it out, I just buy more yarn.

I started a new project last night while watching Commando, inspired by these awesomely huge balls of yarn I came across. So good, right?! I decided to try to go for a knit, too. I am no knitter at all, and unfortunately crochet skills don't translate well to the medium, but I think a stockinette stitch is the cutest and prettiest tiny lil thing. I'm hoping it ends up about the size of a lap blanket - I never was very good at gauge but I think it'll be about right! Here's hoping anyway. At the very least it'll certainly be pretty.

Anyway, I feel ridiculous how long it's been since I last updated - it isn't anything about being too lazy or busy to blog, it's just that I really haven't finished any projects! (Or taken pictures of them - it's been so cold and grey lately it's a real challenge. Also, okay, that part is laziness.) I'm still working on my Beyonce embroidery and a project I tried the other day totally flopped - soo frustrating. So these pretty pictures of yarn are all I have for now. Here's hoping I get motivated soon, but back to essays for just now.

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