Sunday, 24 March 2013

Layout change and random fun!

First of all, I've changed up the layout of this blog just a bit - check it out here! What can I say, I'm a sucker for scalloped edges (︶ω︶) this is what I'm doing instead of getting anything made, sigh. I've just been knitting away on my blanket with no progress at all on the Beyonce embroidery. Can't linger too long on that or I'll get a bit sad about it! So -

I was playing around with my camera and its different settings the other day - it's so annoying how rarely there is natural light to shoot in these days! Like, come on Edinburgh, it's spring - please stop with the snow? So this was taken on the hi-fi setting and then adjusted in photoshop to brighten the colours, and I think it looks rather bright and cheery! This piece here is my Smitten Kitten embroidery which I like so much I almost don't want anyone to buy it. (Also, the name of an online sex toy shop, I found out after listing it, haha.) I want to play with my camera more though! Like I have such a nice camera, it seems really ridiculous how rarely I used it. Shame on me. I've been especially interested in getting better at manually adjusting the focus because tilt-shift photography is the coolest.

I went to London last week with my boyfriend and his friend to see Louis CK at the O2 Arena! It was a ridiculous, exhausting, and amazingly hilarious experience. Louis CK is by far the best comedian currently touring and if you get a chance you should absolutely go and see him. I didn't take any pictures in the venue because, I mean, it was actually gigantic. I think there were something like twelve thousand people there?! Oh my gosh. But before we went to that we had dinner at an amazing restaurant called Honest Burgers. I love a burg. The menu was super small so you knew they weren't messing around and they had homemade lemonade! I guess taking pictures of your food is frowned upon these days but actually that is a stupid opinion held by joyless people. I love food. The only thing I am sad about is that I didn't really get to see much of London? It was my first time there (I know, shh, I suck) and we were so busy rushing around and getting to our hotel and on the tube to really get a good look at anything. Ah well, I'm going back down there in a month to hang out with my mom for a weekend so I'll get to do all the touristy things then :3

And one final thing - I just discovered the blog Cupcake's Clothes today and omg, I am totally obsessed. Georgina's Kitten Mittens outfit is like, my new life inspiration.(・◇・)I love finding new awesome blogs so much! What are your favourite blogs?

Saturday, 16 March 2013

yarn, beautiful yarn

I love yarn. I love it so much, and I want to hug all of the yarn in the world. I have baskets and baskets of leftover yarn I used for projects that I can't bring myself to throw out because it's just so pleasing and pretty and soft! So instead of throwing it out, I just buy more yarn.

I started a new project last night while watching Commando, inspired by these awesomely huge balls of yarn I came across. So good, right?! I decided to try to go for a knit, too. I am no knitter at all, and unfortunately crochet skills don't translate well to the medium, but I think a stockinette stitch is the cutest and prettiest tiny lil thing. I'm hoping it ends up about the size of a lap blanket - I never was very good at gauge but I think it'll be about right! Here's hoping anyway. At the very least it'll certainly be pretty.

Anyway, I feel ridiculous how long it's been since I last updated - it isn't anything about being too lazy or busy to blog, it's just that I really haven't finished any projects! (Or taken pictures of them - it's been so cold and grey lately it's a real challenge. Also, okay, that part is laziness.) I'm still working on my Beyonce embroidery and a project I tried the other day totally flopped - soo frustrating. So these pretty pictures of yarn are all I have for now. Here's hoping I get motivated soon, but back to essays for just now.

Friday, 1 March 2013

fashion friday!

It's a thing, now, maybe?! I hope it is! Like if you know me even a lil bit you know that when I'm not making something, there is a 75% chance I'm looking at clothes online. So, I kind of want to try out posting about clothes a little more, as well as showing how I'm wearing the things I make! Seems like a win-win to me.

Here's how I wore the cat shirt:
cat eye eyeliner AND glasses! *WINK*

 Top: Chinatown/DIY
Necklace: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: New Look
Shoes: not visible, because I'm pretty sure I was not wearing any shoes when I took this picture.

If I had been able to I would have word ankle boots with this outfit, but I had to go to the library and walk around on cobblestone and that wasn't happening! So I was just wearing black flats with a gold metal tip. Also, real talk: I couldn't figure out how to get them in the frame. It's a work in progress! I've also been wearing my glasses just about every day this week, since my eyes were so sore after an uncomfortable contact experience on Monday. Plus I've been spending lots and lots of time in the hot, dry library reading big old books by dudes named J.J. Gumperz. Also, am I the only one who never remembers to wear earrings? (Possibly.)

Besides Gumpin' out, another thing I did today was add to my art wall. I finally got two of the pieces I've been waiting for in the mail! My favourites are still the watercolour Valentine's cards that my boyfriend made me though (◡‿◡✿)

And one final topic for Fashion Friday...reseller sites. Do you all know what I mean by that? Take Oasap, for example. It hits all of my mental criteria for a reseller site:

  1. Free worldwide shipping, always allows returns,
  2. Pictures inconsistent and often feature different models (many of whom are eastern Asian), and
  3. Very descriptive titles, where every piece is titled with adjectives that describe it.
Romwe is another site like this, although they seem to be trying to get away from that a bit (and stick to Black Milk ripoffs). Anyway, the point I'm getting at is that how they make a profit is by buying from other resellers and then slightly marking up the price. So, when you see something on Oasap that you want but is too expensive, you should always check eBay (especially for jewellery). I found three examples like this in about ten minutes of searching.

Loose Fit Cat Print Sweatshirt. Romwe - $27, eBay - ~$19.

Lightning Look Ring. Romwe - $14, eBay - ~$4.50

Puff Sleeve Bound Waist Slim Mini Dress. Romwe - $39.50 (on sale), eBay - ~$42

So as you can see it's not always cheaper (although it would be if that dress weren't on sale) but you should always always check eBay! If you know the right keywords I'm pretty confident you could find almost anything on one of those sites for way cheaper. Maybe this is old news and I am totally preaching to the choir here, but I'm just trying to help you out a little bit! If you're going to buy cheap clothes, get them as cheap as possible :3