Thursday, 21 February 2013


Last year for Valentines Day, I embroidered my boyfriend a card that was a picture of Robocop and the words 'BE MINE, CREEP!' It was pretty early on in my embroidery learning (actually I think that was the first Project I ever embroidered!) and since then I've embroidered more things for him that you can shake a stick at. So I had to switch it up!

CERAMIC PAINTING~! It's supposed to be a cartoony version of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, based on the scene where she eats a horse heart as part of some Dothraki pregnancy ritual? to prove? that's she's...going to have an awesome baby? I'm not super clear on it, I've read all of the books since reading and watching that scene and Dany does a lot more crazy stuff than that. Game of Thrones is the best. I'm not much of a drawer, like, at all, and I had to draw that little doodle about twenty or thirty times in a sketchbook before I felt confident enough to put it on the mug! I just used ceramic pens from Hobbycraft and wow it was so easy and fun, way simpler than I thought it would be and you can just wipe off the pen with water if you make a mistake! (Well. Mostly. If it sits on too long it's very difficult to get the residue off...which is why you might see some little black flecks if you look too closely.) Then I baked it for half an hour or something to make it totally dishwasher safe. I'm so excited about ceramic pens!

He liked it a lot! Valentine's card/gift/being a girlfriend: success B) (My card from him was a watercolour of Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks from Adventure Time hugging which is the best. We are 110% cool.)

EDIT: some of the lettering flaked off a little bit after he washed it! This is so disappointing and no good at all :( these ceramic pens let me down.

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