Thursday, 28 February 2013

miaow miaow

I had a weird shirt.

I've drawn this informative diagram to help explain why it was weird. Do you like it? Do you like my wonderful art? Slightly too long to be a normal shirt, in-between shirt and tunic with a dumb ruffle and weird elasticised panels on the sides that when you pulled on, transformed the whole thing into a strange triangle shaped piece of fabric. Still with dumb ruffles. I bought it in Chinatown a couple years ago though and I think when you see the print on the front, you will immediately understand why!

Here it is. Drumroll please...

A FANCY CAT. With a crown. AND 3-D PEARLS. Like how am I not going to buy it? I had recently been considering giving it to charity though! Just because of how supremely weird and unflattering it was. But that design...

So. I stretched it out, cut a straight line along the bottom, above where the elastic was. This fabric doesn't fray so I didn't have to hem it, which is good because this is already really short now! Elastic parts *shakes fist*! At this point the torso of the shirt was shaped like a trapezoid. So without measuring or even drawing guidelines (I should have done at least one of these things really) I turned it inside out and sewed a new line up from about where it should start for the shirt to have straight sides to the armpits, then cut off the triangles of fabric on either sides. Does that make sense? I basically sewed along the imaginary hypotenuse of the triangle made up by a couple inches along the bottom and the side.

ANYway, it worked! Aw yes, this is totally enabling my desire to be lazy and instead of measuring twice and cutting once, measuring zero times and cutting a bunch because you make it crooked and bad the first time. Sad trombone.

I wore it to show the fit with my also handmade black velvet skirt! This is two pictures cropped together weirdly, sorry about that. But on the plus side, I figured out how to use my camera's self timer!! So maybe I can actually tell you about this skirt, in the future?! It is perfect and I wear it so often and it took less than an hour to make. I Love Stretch Velvet.

So that's the rambling story behind what is now the best shirt I own! see ya, Emily xoxo

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