Wednesday, 6 February 2013

big pink box

Check out this big box. I've found a new way to store all my vital supplies...(making like, a rocket blast off noise right now)

Wonderful. I bought a big train case on eBay and was originally going to use it to store makeup, but while it was en route I found a little shelf in a closet that actually works better so...crafting supplies it is! From left to right: sewing and general crafting accoutrement; embroidery thread; embroidery fabric, more thread, finished pieces for sale, doily-weight yarn; a jar of awesome vintage buttons I got for Christmas; two paper bags each filled with a different colour palate for the Beyonce embroidery I am working on (one is skin, one is hair); washi tape, a ribbon, tiny rhinestones, a soap tin with pearls in it, thread. Just fantastic. I love organising things so much and this is just ticking all those boxes for me. So neat! So tidy and convenient! Everything I need right there! <3 Train case life <3!

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