Friday, 4 January 2013

minimal to no pictures

Not really a craft post...more blah blah blogging post about New Years Resoluzzzzz. I fell asleep while writing that. I know, it's super boring. But my resolutions list is mostly a thinly-veiled projects to do list so this is almost just here to stop me procrastinating.

I spent a lot of time with my boyfriend's family over the last few days and spent lots of quality time with his amazingly adorable and really smart seven year old cousin. I want to make her princess skirts and pretty dresses and stuff?! Like what's a better excuse to try out this beautiful tulle skirt tutorial from Cotton and Curls if not making one for a little girl? (N.B. I guess adults can wear stuff like this too but...I cannot.) Need to figure out how weird it would be to ship clothing to a child I have met twice.

Anyway. Here's some crafty stuff I plan on doing this year (and if I'm clever I can remember to come back and cross these off/link to them when they're done?! Getting ahead of myself here. I get so excited about lists!)

  • Another crocheted quilt. And I want to take less time to finish this time, with the other one I completely stalled between the stitching squares and joining squares steps.
  • Series of embroidery pieces based on things that make me anxious. This won't be a short series. Holla!
  • Embroider more things that aren't just hoops. Hoops are great and I love them, but I can only hang so many hoops in my flat.
  • Use up some of my yarn stash. Might be hard because somehow like 90% of the yarn in my stash is grey? What? Maybe I'll make like ten tiny amigurumi cats and leave them in public places. I'm just brainstorming.
  • Draft a sloper that fits me perfectly. I want to make a dress with a bodice that isn't stretchy! Every single guide on how to draft a sloper looks insanely complicated and since I can't read patterns 90% of what I do is gonna be winging it. I didn't understand darts at all until I realised actually I did, but every person was explaining it in a way that was far too complicated. Y'all need to write instructions for lazy people.
  • Stay organised with my crafting! Like I keep everything downstairs right now because there's no room in my bedroom? And it needs to stay there. Because there is no room in my bedroom.
  • Make stuff that could possibly count as portfolio material? 
And a couple non-craft ones:
  • Stop buying cheap clothes from Chinese resellers on ebay.
  • Get fitter. Not to lose weight or look better because who cares, but because I genuinely thought I was going to die walking up a hill today. Come on!
I swear I'll have more pictures next time...I actually have two finished projects to post! Cross my heart.

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