Monday, 21 January 2013

faux fur infatuation

I bought some faux fur a while ago! And now I'm freakin all about faux fur. The bulk of it is going toward a um, circular sort of koala stuffed animal that may already be headed toward the pile of never finished crafting projects. But I had so much left over after cutting my main pieces and that beautiful soft surprisingly-easy-to-work-with fabric was just calling me *____*

Calling me to make the easiest craft project imaginable, that is. May I present to you, my new snood!

I guess some people don't know what a snood is (because they're not huge nerds) but it's pretty similar to an infinity scarf. In this case it's just a tube of fur around your neck, which, doesn't that sound like the warmest? It is. It is the warmest.

(Does anyone remember the game Snood? I remember playing this on my mom's computer when I was little. So good, being raised on computers is the best.)

Anyway, they're super easy to make, also? If you have a sewing machine it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes. What I did here, was:
  1. Cut out my strip of fabric. I made it about 30" long and 24" wide (so it folds over to a 12" high snood in the end). Other people make it longer, but I have a pretty small head. So your mileage may vary!
  2. I then folded it longways (er, hotdog style?) down the middle so two furry sides were facing each other and sewed it into a tube.
  3. Turn that tube inside out, girl. Go wild.
  4. Take the two ends of the tube (and remember, fur should be facing out!) and sew them together so you have a circle. This step is a little tricky? My sewing machine actually couldn't take all four layers of fabric under the foot, so I had to go slow and sew it by hand. But it worked out fine and I'm not even good at sewing!
  5. Turn it inside out again so the seam is on the inside and you're done!
  6. Enjoy the shedding! It's gonna shed.
And of course a picture in action, worn by the Maker Herself:
why am I always wearing this top in pictures like this?
Fun times! Make a snood y'all.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

two things. Two!

TWO!! I never lie. I have two finished projects to show off! The first one is the finished wedding embroidery that I mentioned here. I'm really happy with how it came out!

Yay! Not the greatest picture since I had to fiddle around with it quite a bit in photoshop. It still gets dark here at around 4pm and it's rainy and cloudy all day before that so no natural light for nice pictures :( You can see a bit of the sparkle in the fabric near the top. I haven't seen Stephen and Anne-Claire since I've been back from California/since they got married, so I haven't gotten a chance to give it to them yet but I can't wait! I hope they like it.

And a very poor quality iPhone picture of the amigurimi Ron Swanson I made for Allan for Christmas, hand-modelled by Allan himself. Yarn hair is hard!

I also made a very simple half circle skirt a few days ago. The material was black stretch velvet, I didn't even need to install a zipper, and the whole thing was incredibly quick and easy and now I can wear this skirt every day because it matches everything I own. Fantastic! I would post pictures, but...taking good pictures of a black skirt in minimal lighting isn't the easiest thing to do...

Friday, 4 January 2013

minimal to no pictures

Not really a craft post...more blah blah blogging post about New Years Resoluzzzzz. I fell asleep while writing that. I know, it's super boring. But my resolutions list is mostly a thinly-veiled projects to do list so this is almost just here to stop me procrastinating.

I spent a lot of time with my boyfriend's family over the last few days and spent lots of quality time with his amazingly adorable and really smart seven year old cousin. I want to make her princess skirts and pretty dresses and stuff?! Like what's a better excuse to try out this beautiful tulle skirt tutorial from Cotton and Curls if not making one for a little girl? (N.B. I guess adults can wear stuff like this too but...I cannot.) Need to figure out how weird it would be to ship clothing to a child I have met twice.

Anyway. Here's some crafty stuff I plan on doing this year (and if I'm clever I can remember to come back and cross these off/link to them when they're done?! Getting ahead of myself here. I get so excited about lists!)

  • Another crocheted quilt. And I want to take less time to finish this time, with the other one I completely stalled between the stitching squares and joining squares steps.
  • Series of embroidery pieces based on things that make me anxious. This won't be a short series. Holla!
  • Embroider more things that aren't just hoops. Hoops are great and I love them, but I can only hang so many hoops in my flat.
  • Use up some of my yarn stash. Might be hard because somehow like 90% of the yarn in my stash is grey? What? Maybe I'll make like ten tiny amigurumi cats and leave them in public places. I'm just brainstorming.
  • Draft a sloper that fits me perfectly. I want to make a dress with a bodice that isn't stretchy! Every single guide on how to draft a sloper looks insanely complicated and since I can't read patterns 90% of what I do is gonna be winging it. I didn't understand darts at all until I realised actually I did, but every person was explaining it in a way that was far too complicated. Y'all need to write instructions for lazy people.
  • Stay organised with my crafting! Like I keep everything downstairs right now because there's no room in my bedroom? And it needs to stay there. Because there is no room in my bedroom.
  • Make stuff that could possibly count as portfolio material? 
And a couple non-craft ones:
  • Stop buying cheap clothes from Chinese resellers on ebay.
  • Get fitter. Not to lose weight or look better because who cares, but because I genuinely thought I was going to die walking up a hill today. Come on!
I swear I'll have more pictures next time...I actually have two finished projects to post! Cross my heart.