Thursday, 13 December 2012

crocheted flowers

I've been crocheting!

How lovely are these little guys? Crocheting tiny flowers is my favourite; it's so easy and the result is so  lovely and adorable. Each one takes about five minutes to make. Here is the very very simple pattern:
chain 10, join into a loop. Into the loop, make one sc, one dc, two tr, one dc, and one sc. that's a petal done! Squish it up against the beginning of the petal so it's as compact as you can make it to make sure you have enough room for all five. Repeat the petal four more times, then after the final sc bind off.
It's that simple! I'm using them as present toppers this year. You can also make them in a chain, without binding off and doing maybe ch10 or ch15 between loops. Yarn flowers everywhere!

(They also work as rings in a pinch!)


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